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Wildflowers Dreaming - Yellow - Australian Aboriginal Textiles

The drape photo shows the best color.

Wildflowers Dreaming - Yellow - Australian Aboriginal Textiles - 100% Cotton - 45"

Alice Springs, Northern Territory, is a semi desert region. Annual rainfall in this region is very low. However, in winter soon after small rainfall one can witness the lush of colourful wild flowers blossom almost everywhere. It is a scenery never to miss or forget. Every home, garden, bush, roadside etc., will be dancing with numerous colourful flowers. Tanya being an experienced and skillful designer adds the bush and the blossom in her landscape canvas excellently.
Tanya Price is a well-known Aboriginal designer. Her works are neat and colourful. Tanya comes from a famous artist family in Utopia, northern territory. So far most of her works were reprinted due to customer's demand.