What is Lawn Fabric?

Have you been looking for the best fabric for lightweight garments? Maybe a spring or summer skirt or dress? Lawn fabric is a great breathable material that are perfect for this. However, many times this fabric will need to have a lining added. Our fabric stores in Portland OR will have the best options for you to choose from as you’re ready to get started using lawn fabrics!

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Lawn fabric is a woven, sheer material. Historically, it was made from linen but now includes various cotton fabrics, as well. The thread used to make this material is very thin with high thread count yarns. It is prepared with the brush. The weave used is even, as well as the yarn. This ensures an untextured, smooth finish. Many times, lawn fabric will have a crisp finish added to it. This is also referred to as a lawn finish.

At times, lawn fabric could be mistaken for muslin fabric or voile. This is because each are derived from cotton or some cotton – linen mix. However, they are very different. Lawn fabric is much more smooth and soft. Also, the high thread count sets it apart from anything else.

The name lawn is derived from a city in France. Laon, France produced the large quantities of this fabric when it was primarily linen based.

Below, you will find the most common garments made from this particular fabric: 

  • dresses
  • blouses
  • nightwear
  • underwear
  • lingerie
  • curtains
  • collar cuffs
  • shirts
  • infant wear
  • handkerchiefs
  • liturgical vestments (the surplus and episcopal rochet) of Anglican churches

We hope this information helps you better understand lawn fabric and its best uses! Need help choosing the best fabric? Stop by the best fabric stores in Portland OR - Josephine’s Dry Goods is here to offer you advice on the best fabrics available!

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