Best Summer Sewing Projects

Are you looking for a few summer projects to get started sewing on this spring? If so, we have great ideas you can choose to work with. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite projects! Also, in future blogs, we are going to offer a few tutorials on how to make them, as well! Be sure to stop by our Portland fabric shop to get all your supplies before starting your creations!

Summer Sewing Projects | Portland Fabric Shop

Baby beach towels are great for your children or to give as gifts this summer. There are several ways to create these types of towels. Some are easier than others, so don’t just go with the first pattern you find.

Beach bag totes are great for this time of year because they can be used on vacation, at the pool, or on the lake. Whatever you choose to use it for, you will get great value from it.

Bathing suit cover ups are also great for summer. They are versatile and easy to create, as long as you have a great pattern to follow. Be sure to stay tuned for one of our favorite patterns.

It's hard to hang out in the sun without a hat. That's why sewing a sun hat for adults and children is useful and fun.

Shirt dresses are stylish and comfortable. They'll be great for summer days and nights. Sew one for yourself, a friend, or even create a smaller size for children.

Everyone loves a picnic. Why not create gorgeous picnic napkins for an afternoon lunch in the park? Vibrant colors and patterns in various types of fabrics will be great for this project.

While you're working on picnic napkins, go ahead and make some placemats, as well. You can mix-and-match prints and patterns with fabrics that are great for eating on the go.

You might also be interested in creating a tablecloth blanket for your picnic, as well. You can sew two of your favorite tablecloths together for a larger size or make your own with waterproof fabric. Whatever you choose, it will be fun and useful.

Towel wraps are great for summer days spent at the pool or the lake. With a Velcro closure, they'll stay in place and be comfortable while spending time outdoors.

After seeing all of these ideas for summer projects, you're probably ready to get started! Over the course of the next several blog posts, we will be sharing our favorite tutorials on how to make these fun and exciting summer ideas. Be sure to stay tuned!


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