Sew a Silk Skinny Scarf!

Ready to make a skinny silk scarf? We love it when trends are easy to make. This particular project will take only a little bit of sewing. Also, if you don't prefer silk, consider using other fabrics. Liberty of London fabric comes in all types of patterns and materials. Just stop by Josephine’s and pick your favorite.

DIY Skinny Silk Scarf | Sewing Notions Portland OR


  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread and other sewing notions in Portland OR
  • Favorite silk fabric piece that is at least one yard by 6 inches

Before we begin, consider using bonding type instead of needle and thread if you are unfamiliar with seeing. Either method will work great for this project.

To begin, cut your silk fabric to size. Remember, in our last blog post we said that 80 x 16, 80 x 7, or something similar is key. Just roughly measure double the width what you would like the finished product to be. Then, be sure to leave a small seam allowance.

Take your iron and smooth out the fabric to make sure there are no wrinkles in it. Then, fold it in half, lengthwise.

Next, sew along the edges. Leave one end open so that you can turn the final product inside out. For those that are using bonding tape, refrain from sewing. Just press the tape inside the fabric and then use the iron to sell it together.

Once all edges are sealed turn of the fabric inside out from the open end. Then, sew or tape that and up, as well. All raw edges should be tucked in. Once it looks great, iron the scarf.

Now you have a great look for fall. If you are not interested in sewing right now, consider visiting back with our previous blog post to learn how to make a no-sew scarf.

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