Sewing Tips

Sewing is fun and a great past time. Sometimes, however, it can be complicated and time consuming. That's why knowing a few tips and tricks will help! Below, you'll find some of our favorite tips and tricks! If you have any to add, be sure to leave them in the comments for us to read!

Making a Button Shank | Fabric in Portland  

Below, you'll find tips according to on making a button shank. This way is easier than traditional ways!

  • To use a flat button on thick fabric, make a button shank from thread. Begin by threading a needle with a double strand of thread; knot the thread ends.
  • Take a stitch on the right side of the fabric, at the button placement mark.
  • This hides the knot under the button. Take a stitch through the button as you typically would, but don't pull the thread tight.
  • Next, choose a spacer to ensure there is ample space between the fabric and the button."
  • For thin fabrics, use a straight pin or toothpick.
  • For thicker fabrics, use a heavy darning needle, bobby pin, chopstick, or thin pen. Insert the spacer under the button, between the holes, and then tug slightly on the sewing needle to tighten the thread and secure the spacer.
  • Continue sewing the button in the usual fashion. When the button is sewn securely (with the needle on the wrong side of the fabric), remove the spacer and hold the button away from the fabric, keeping the stitches taut.
  • Then, bring the needle up between the fabric and the button. Wind the thread around the stitches until you've created a sturdy shank. If you want to give it a more finished look, particularly when you've used a large spacer, make closely spaced blanket stitches around the threads instead of simply winding the thread around the shank. When you've finished, secure the thread close to the shank.

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