Sewing Supply Pouch

Welcome back to our blog! Today, we are going to work through another easy, yet useful project that is great for beginner sewers or children. Even if you’re a seasoned sewing enthusiast, you’ll find that this one is great for gift-giving, just like the last project. Did you catch our sunglasses case tutorial? If not, be sure to go back and check it out, soon.

Sewing Supply Pouch | Fabric Stores Portland

As we said, today, we focus on an easy task that will be quite useful. Sewing a supply pouch that will be great for scissors and other sewing notions the task at hand! For giving this as a gift, there are several things you could make and add to it, as well. For example, a pin cushion, pair of scissors and other sewing necessities would be a great option.

This easy project can be completed in no time and is great for vacationers looking for a little creativity while relaxing on the beach or even at home!

This pouch is great for keeping essential tools and you can store it right next to your sewing machine. To learn how to assemble and sew this pouch, visit back with our next blog post!

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