More Beginner Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome back! We are here to talk more about beginner mistakes that can happen with fabric in Portland while learning to sew!

Mistakes to Avoid | Fabric Portland

Learn how to take proper measurements. Otherwise, you probably won't get the right numbers. Without correct measurements your garments will not fit well. Whether you're making something for yourself or someone else always be accurate with measurements.

Try not to buy lots of fabric ahead of time. It's fun to walk into a fabric shop and buy everything on sale or everything that catches your eye. However, doing this will cause you to want to start multiple projects at a time. For beginners, it's best to buy only what you need, when you need it. Also, purchasing tons of materials or sewing notions from the fabric shop will require somewhere to store them. You'll have containers, a closet, or an entire room for materials. If you're planning to sew long term, that's great. But your hobby might not be a passion. Find out if you love it before purchasing lots of fabric, sewing notions and other tools.

Consider purchasing ready to wear patterns. These will be easier to use. Not sure what's ready to wear? Talk with your fabric shop about it. They can point you in the right direction.

In our next blog post we will talk about more mistakes that beginners might make. Also, in future posts we will talk about mistakes that more seasoned seamstresses make. Stay tuned!

Do you have trouble with any of the issues above? Have you found an easier way to fix them? If so, leave your comments below! We love to hear your thoughts.


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