Different Types of Sewing Machine Footings, Part One

Learning to sew is a fun, yet complicated past time that will eventually lead to a great passion. In the beginning, it can be frustrating, learning all the ins and outs, terminology, sewing notions and more. Eventually, you'll get to the point that sewing is like second nature. Something you rarely have to give much thought to. But, in the starting stages, you'll need help getting on your feet. That's why we are here! In addition to offering beautiful Lawn fabric, Liberty of London fabric and more, we also help you in your journey to a new hobby! Today, we are going to talk about the different types of sewing machine footings. 

Since there are many different types, we will be discussing them over a series of blogs. Be sure to stay tuned for more information in the future!

Sewing Machine Footings | Lawn Fabric

1/4″ or Quarter Inch Foot – Sometimes called a patchwork foot, this sewing machine foot is a quarter of an inch long. It keeps your fabric in line without having to constantly pull and tug at it. It’s especially useful when you’re sewing fast. Even then the fabric will stay in line, causing no issues at all! Used for hats, bags and any garment that needs an iron-in interfacing, you’ll find that this foot will be a great addition to your collection.

Adjustable Binding Foot – This attachment is used to adhere a neat looking binding that’s professional and specialized. It can work with multiple widths of binding without any issues. There’s no need for pinning or hand tacking after the sewing is complete.

Evenfeed Walking Foot – When sewing more than one layer of fine fabrics, you’ll need a walking foot called an even feed foot. This attachment will be great for sewing binding to quilts, patterns like stripes, plaids or anything on the bias. It’s also a key foot for getting a smooth result when sewing silks or satins. 

Do you have any of the footings feature here, today? If not, you might be interested in picking one up, depending on how advanced you are in sewing. Stop by our fabric store in Portland to find all the best sewing notions, patters, fabric and more. 

Josephine's Dry Goods | Lawn Fabric

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