Would Sewing be a Great Hobby for You? continued

Welcome back! Are you ready to continue learning how to make so when your new hobby? In our previous article we talked about how to get organized. We also talked a little bit about how you can get started with learning. Whether you choose to learn on your own or in a class is up to you. You will know what feels right and make the best decision for you.

Learning to Sew | Fabric in Portland

What you've begun learning to sew and you've started gathering all the tools and materials you will need throughout your journey, it's time to think about a sewing room. While many people don't have an entire room to devote to this new hobby it is important to have a special place in the home that you can consider your sewing station.

This room you can put your sewing machine and everything you'll need to start creating beautiful garments.

You can also keep your books, patterns and other paper materials here as well. Just be sure to keep organizing containers or file folders with labels on them.

In our previous post we also offered a few links back to older blogs. They offered information about tools you'll need, different types of liberty fabrics and more. Today we are linking to a few of our how to articles. These are simple projects that you can easily take on as your first step towards creating!

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