The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide, Part One

Do you love to sew? Are you obsessed with purchasing fabric in Portland anytime you come across a gorgeous pattern or print? If so, put that extra fabric to good use buy making your gifts this season! Below, you'll find the first of many great ideas. Be sure to join us for the next several blogs to find the perfect gift to sew for your loved ones!

Sewing Ideas for Presents | Fabric in Portland

Sewing a toboggan, beanie or other type of winter hat is a great gift. Everyone needs to shield their head from the cold elements as they go in and out. If you were looking for an easy to tutorial, be sure to visit back with us. Soon, we will have several gift-giving tutorials that can be done easily and quickly.

For those who love to knit, consider making sweaters for the family. You can also make them for friend, as well. Choose neutral colors for a gorgeous style and stay away from patterns. We all know how the old Christmas joke goes. Receiving less than pretty knitted sweaters from an aunt or grandmother is a less-than exciting thing. However, when you stick with neutral solid colors and flattering styles they'll be sure to let them! Find the best fabric in Portland to make them with at Josephine's!

For those who love technology, consider making a tablet cover! You might have to find out in advance what type of handheld device they have to make this work well. To learn more about how to make a tablet cover, visit our previous blog post.

You can even make cell phone covers, as well. These are great for protection. You can choose a water resistant fabric in Portland or something that will help with shock absorbency should the phone be dropped.

There are tons of different fun and exciting gifts to make for your loved ones this Christmas! Be sure to start early and keep a goal in mind. It's easy to get overwhelmed with making too many gifts all at once. Try to set a goal of two or three gifts per week so that you don't end up trying to do too many. For next year, you can go ahead and start now! That way, the gifts can be a little more elaborate and less overwhelming.

Also, don't forget to visit back with us, soon. We will offer more great ideas to put that extra fabric in Portland to use!


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