Sewing a Bowtie

With wedding season in full force, it might be fun to make your loved one a bowtie to war with their suit! You can even make one that matches your outfit. In our last blog post, we learned to make a pocket square. If you’d like, you can also coordinate the bowtie to match it, as well. Having a custom addition to a suit is a great way to impress all the guests at your next wedding or special event!

Materials | Liberty Fabric 

  • Liberty Fabric of your choice
  • Medium weight interfacing (iron-on)
  • Thread in coordinating color of fabric
  • Normal sewing notions for projects
  • Bowtie template

While you’re able to choose your own template, it is important to make sure that it will fit the collar of the shirt being worn with the bowtie. You can adjust your template if you’d like, as well. Use the following measurements to help:

  • Typical sized collar - 16 inch – 17.5 inch
  • Larger or smaller sized collar – decrease measurements by 6mm for every half inch.


  • Cut two pieces of fabric by using the template.
  • To make things easier, fold fabric and then cut using the pattern while it’s in place on the edge of the fold. This will offer you two exact cut fabric pieces.
  • Fold a large piece of the interfacing and then cut two pieces again, using the same folded edge technique as you did with the Liberty Fabric.
  • At this point, you should have four pieces to work with; two fabric and two interfacing. They should match the bowtie template.
  • Take one piece of fabric and one piece of interfacing. Lay one on top of the other, using adhesive side to the wrong side of the fabric. 
  • Using an iron, fuse the two pieces together.
  • Repeat for the second set of fabric and adhesive interfacing.
  • Stay tuned for our follow-up blog post! We will have more steps in creating your very own bowtie!

Sewing is a hobby that can turn out creative garments and other projects. If you’re interested in learning how to get started with your at-home sewing kits including sewing notions, patterns and your favorite Liberty fabric, stop by one of the best fabric stores in Portland!

Josephine's Dry Goods | Liberty Fabric 

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