Fall Patterns and Prints

Fabric pattern trends change with the seasons. While some stick around for several seasons others fall out of style quickly. Below, we have all the best fabric pattern styles you'll need to incorporate within you were sewing projects this fall and winter! Don't forget, our Portland fabric shops have all the great prints and patterns you need for fall and winter!

Trendy Patterns and Prints | Portland Fabric Shops

Leopard print is going to be huge this fall and winter. Moose prefer to wear this animal pattern on outerwear or shoes. However, this upcoming season, consider wearing A leopard printed dress, skirt or blouse.

Op – art prints are going to be quite an optical illusion trend this season. Addition graphic art prints will be big, as well. Many of the fall fashion shows featured many dresses and thigh high boots with these prints. However, sewing a gorgeous dress or blouse with the what a cool illusion patterns will be great. Remember to use bright shades and contrasting colors.

Kid scribble prints are among the latest art deco designs that are hot right now. Incorporating these into a jacket or blouse would be great if you're interested in this trend. If not, any type of abstract or artistic prince will be great, as well.

Snake skin has been a trend that goes in and out through the seasons for ages. However, this season exotic reptiles skins are in. This means skins that come in black and white combinations, primary colors, teal, yellow and more is essential.

Hounds tooth is a pattern that is classic. It rarely goes out of style but this year, it's going to be a focal point for mini design houses. Consider creating a project with this type of fabric for fall and winter. It is sophisticated and feminine yet professional and strikingly gorgeous.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about these patterns for fall and winter. To learn more, visit back with her next blog post soon.

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