Sewing Resolutions for 2017 Part Two

Are you hoping to start sewing a little more this upcoming new year? If so, be sure to make a New Year’s resolution list that’s full of sewing projects and ideas to help keep you motivated. Below, you’ll find several of our favorite resolutions! Need new fabric or have a question about sewing? Contact our Portland fabric shop!

Sewing Resolutions for 2017 | Portland Fabric Shop

Add taking a sewing class to your list of resolutions. Even the most seasoned sewists have room to learn something new. You might want to consider an online class if your schedule is quite busy. Either way, learning something new in 2017 will help keep you creating and sewing.

Consider selling a few pieces for charity. Choose an organization you want to help and find out if there's anything they need. You could create hats, scarves or other items that will be needed throughout the year.

Create a sewing challenge project and share it with your friends. This is a great way to commit to sewing if you are having trouble setting aside time for this hobby. It will also be fun to challenge your friends!

Make a to do list. Consider all the projects you'd like to complete this coming year and write them down. Consider how long it takes to make each project. For every month of 2017, set a goal. You should be able to finish easy projects in a couple of weeks and more complicated ones over the course of a month or two. Be sure to stop by the best Portland fabric shop once or twice during your goal making so that you're able to stock up on great materials and tools!

Creating a list of resolutions to help keep you motivated to sew this upcoming year is a great idea for those that have trouble setting aside time to work on a project! To read more great resolution ideas, visit back with our next blog post! Need to stock up on the latest fabric? Stop by our Portland fabric shop. 

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