Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Pets!

Welcome back! We are here with more great ideas for making gifts this holiday! Over the course of the past few blogs, we've offered several ideas that are great for your loved ones and yourself! Today, we are going to think outside the box for those that have furry friends, as well! You can find everything you need for these gifts at our Portland fabric shops!

Pet Gift Ideas | Portland Fabric Shops

Love your pets? Consider sewing a cute toy mouse or bone out of felt, corduroy or wool. Your cat or dog, or friend's and family's will love you forever! Not only will the toy withstand constant use, using menswear fabric in Portland with pretty patterns will also make for a stylish toy, as well.

Another great gift for pets would be a wool cardigan. Dogs that must go outside every few hours might need a little extra warmth. They'll also look unbelievably adorable.

For rainy or snowy days, consider creating a water resistant doggy coat! Keep them warm and dry for the entire winter. They’re  going to be super stylish at the dog park, not to mention!

You could even create a cozy bed for pets, as well. While this could be a bit complicated, consider just making a large pillow for them to sleep on. This can be very quick and easy, but well appreciated! Choose gorgeous patterns and prints that coordinate with home decor!

We hope these great gifts for pets will come in handy this holiday while you're making gifts to give! Not only will your friends and family love these, so will their pets and yours!

For more gift giving ideas that you can make your loved ones, visit back with our next blog post! We will have the best ideas! Also, be sure to check out our fabric must-haves at the one of the best Portland fabric shops, Josephine's Dry Goods!


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