More Reasons to Take a Sewing Class


  • Many experienced people choose to join sewing groups because they are looking for inspiration and want to help others learn how to sew. Even someone who has been sewing for years can benefit from spending time with others who share their hobby.
  • Making crafts for yourself and for gifts is fun and affordable. You can give them away as gifts which save money, but you can also sell them to make money, as well.
  • Learning to sew will leave you never having to rely on a seamstress to do alterations for you or your family. You can save money by doing these alterations yourself.
  • Joining a Portland sewing class is also a great way to learn the basics. You won't have to jump right into using a sewing machine, either. You'll be able to learn hand sewing and other techniques before moving onto the machine.
  • Joining a class helps you meet new people! When joining our sewing class, you’ll find individuals just like you, learning to sew and gaining knowledge.
  • If you learn to and then like making alterations you can turn it into a side business. This will be a good way for you to keep working on your craft and make money at the same time.