Fall Fashion Trends Part Four

To say that 90’s fashion is back is an understatement. We talked about this in previous blogs, but today, we are focusing on fall fashion trends for 2016 that heavily rely on statements of the past. Thankfully, those that are hoping to make a few trendy garments will find that Josephine’s Dry Goods has tons of Liberty of London fabrics that work well within the fashion styles that are now trendy again! Stop by or contact us with any questions! Below, you’ll find a final look at fall fashion for this upcoming autumn season!

Fall Fashion Trends for 2016 | Liberty of London Fabrics

Turtleneck dresses – As we talked about previous blogs, the 90’s are back. This time it's in the form of a turtleneck dress. While you might think that this is one fashion statement you'll never wear again, consider wearing one under a long sleeve shirt as a layering piece. Great for all body types, you can stay warm and add a little flair to your outfit.

Bomber jacket – When we say bombers, we don't mean just any bombers. We mean those that are lined with shearling. These classic aviator jackets used to be huge in the 80’s and 90’s. Now, they're being worn again and should be a big hit for fall and winter. Wear them with midi skirts or dresses, jeans and more.

Plaid overcoat – We also talked about plaid in our previous blog post. One of the most popular trends of the 90’s, plaid was everywhere. It's also beginning to gain traction again. Well you can wear it in the form of shirts, pants or scarves, consider a plaid overcoat as well. It's a great statement that you can mix-and-match with various other prints.

Florals – Here we are again with 90’s fashion. Adding  florals in the form of dresses, skirts or pants is bold yet minimalist. Try it out, even if you think this print is not for you.

Dusty pink – While this is a color you might not assume to wear in cooler weather, Dusty pink will be a nice addition to our fall wardrobe the season.

We hope you've learned quite a bit over the past couple of blogs. Fall fashion is fun and exciting. We hope you find at least one trend that you'll try this upcoming season. Remember, if you didn't find anything here visit back with previous blogs, as well.


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