Liberty of London Fabric Sewing Tips

Liberty of London fabric sewing tips can be quite useful when you're unsure of how to use such luxurious materials. With beautiful patterns and quality fibers, it's hard to believe you're going to cut into this fabric and make something out of it. Why not just frame it and leave it, as is?

Sewing Tips for Liberty of London Fabric

While we understand your reserve for not wanting to cut this beautiful fabric in portland, Liberty of London fabric makes the best materials so that your garments are made with quality and beauty. Our fabric stores in Portland love the idea of offering you these fabrics or just patterns and materials for you to sew with!

Tips for sewing with Liberty of London Fabric

Acclimate – You might not realize it, but giving the fabric time to breathe in your home is key. Some believe that the prints need to settle for a year or more. However, that is not entirely necessary.

Once you bring it home from the fabric stores in Portland, consider allowing it to acclimate for at least 2 to 3 weeks before cutting into it.

Plan – Allowing the fabric to have time to acclimate to your home is a great way to also give yourself time to plan out your ideas. This fabric is special. Be sure to have a good idea of how you are going to create a garment with it. Whatever project you choose, make sure it's something sensible and one that will be cared for properly.

Clean – Making sure that your home, sewing room or craft room is clean before bringing your fabric into the home is key, especially if you have an animal that lives in the home.

We hope this helps you with your next project using Liberty fabrics! They're beautiful and great for all types of garments. Let us know what your next ideas are! We love hearing your comments, below!

Liberty of London Fabric | Fabric Portland

Are you now ready to stop by the best fabric store to choose your favorite Liberty of London fabric? If so, we hope to see you soon! You’ll love the variety of patterns and styles we offer! If you have any questions about our fabric choices, contact Josephine’s Dry Goods today!