The History of Liberty Fabric

With only three staff members, and $2793.59 (£2,000 pounds), Arthur Lasenby Liberty furthered his vision of an Eastern Bazaar. His idea was to change the current look of fashion and homeware. Taking over half of 218a Regent Street in London during 1875, Mr. Liberty devoted his time to providing carpets, furniture and fabrics to the world. Within eighteen months of opening his storefront he repaid his loan, bought the second part of 218a Regent Street and a few more properties on the street as well. The demand for his products was increasing by the month. His vision was becoming a reality – very quickly.

Within a decade, Mr. Liberty was working with many British designers creating in-house apparel that tested styles being made in Paris. He worked closely with Edward William Godwin, founder of Costume Society. Arthur Liberty was committed to fashioning the highest quality goods and offering the best services possible.

Liberty also worked closely with some of the most famous heroes of the Art Nouveau movement, forming traditions that are still important today. Liberty London has committed to making the same excellent goods and proposing the best services conceivable. We strive to encourage fashion and homeware designers all over the world.

The history of Liberty is one that we are proud of. As a distributor of Liberty fabric, we are dedicated to inspiring you the same way Mr. Liberty encouraged designers so many years ago.

Josephine’s Dry Goods | Liberty Fabric

Just like Mr. Liberty, Josephine’s Dry Goods was founded in hopes of inspiring designers. We pride ourselves on the fact that we’ve been offering the finest, highest quality fabrics to patrons since 1976. Our commitment to providing the finest textiles offered all over the world is what keeps us going.

We are excited to continue to offer you the following:

  • Liberty of London (cotton lawns & poplins, silks, jerseys, wools & twills)
  • Creative trim
  • Distinctive ribbons
  • French laces
  • Inspiring knits
  • Italian wools
  • Japanese denim
  • Luxurious fabric blends
  • Scrumptious silks
  • The world’s finest linens
  • Unique buttons

If you’re looking to find sample garments, couture clothing services and more, contact Josephine’s Dry Goods. You’ll fall in love with the fabrics we have readily available for you! To find out more about our prices and production schedule, be sure to call soon!