Tips for Sewing Knit Fabrics

Knit fabrics are great for winter. Because they're a woven fabric they move well and endure an active lifestyle. However, that means sewing with this fabric can be a bit tricky. That's why we are here to offer you several tips and tricks that will help you see knits without any issues. If you need the best knit to work with, stop by our Portland fabric shop, soon!

Knit Fabric | Portland Fabric Shop

  • Stretching might occur while you're sewing this fabric. Don't worry – use your iron to apply steam at least an inch above the stretched same line. The heat will drink the fabric back down to size. Then, it will have the same shape and size it was intended to have before the stretching happened.
  • Because we know this fabric and stretch easily do not stretch it as you send it through the feed of a machine. Also, do not resist by pulling the fabric away from you or toward you. Just let it naturally flow through the foot of the machine.
  • You might have a tendency to let fabric fall to the ground as it passes through the sewing machine. Refrain from doing this with knits. This can cause stretching even when you don't resist the feed. Instead, support the weight of the fabric as it's being sewed.
  • Consider placing your sewing machine in an area where there is counter space behind and to the left of the machine. That way, the fabric will have somewhere to lay while you continue with your project.
  • Test your fabric before you began on your project. That way you'll know what kind of stitching to use, as well as needles.
  • Use ballpoint pens to help Knit fabric while sewing and cutting. That way you will not damage it.

We hope these tips help you with your knit fabric in Portland OR. If you need help choosing the best winter materials for your upcoming projects, contact Josephine's or stop by. We have the best designer fabrics, Liberty of London fabric and more! You'll find all that you're looking for and then some.

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