Most Common Types of Clothing Fabric

Did you know there are a difference in fabrics? Some are used for upholstery and some are used only to make clothing. Fine fabrics can be used for various things. Below, you’ll find a list of the most commonly used fabrics for clothing.

Common Fine Fabrics Used for Clothing


Wool has fiber that is shorter than silk. The weave is loose. It is a natural protein that comes from the fur of different animals. Most commonly used animal fur is sheep and goat.


A damask fabric that offers floral patterns.


Tufted fabric that was traditionally made of silk. Now, it is made of rayon and silk, combined. Velvet has a distinct texture that is derived by short piles of dense cut threads that are distributed evenly.


Fine fabrics that are the oldest and most used fabric known all over the world. The silk is made from cocoon protein made by mulberry moths. In 3,000 BC, China was the first to make these fine fabrics.


Also known as art silk and viscose, rayon is roughage fiber that is made of almost 100 percent cellulose.


While man-made, this fabric is a byproduct of coal and petroleum. It’s also mixed with water and air. Much like nylon, polyester is combustible and low in water porosity.


Coming from the Angora goat, mohair is silk-like and gleams with luster. It’s durable and strong and can be considered a type of wool.


Made from flax plants, linen is cool and flexible. It’s a great material for summer clothing and can be made from cotton or hemp combinations, as well.

What types of fine fabrics are your favorite? There are tons of different types out there for you to use with your next sewing project! If you missed our previous blog post containing lists of fabric types, be sure to visit back with them here and here.

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