Fall Fashion Trends Part Two

Welcome back! Ready to learn all about fashion trends for 2016? Fabric stores in Portland OR are gearing up for the season that everyone loves most! Autumn is a great time of year to try out a few sewing projects like scarves, sweaters and even dresses. The materials and fabrics available are rich,  luxurious and comfortable! Below, you’ll find several key trends to consider this season!

Fall Fashion Trends for 2016 Part Two | Fabric Stores in Portland OR

Velvet – This gorgeous and luxurious fabric will be huge this season. Whether you are wearing a velvet blouse, shoes, jacket or pants the options are endless when adding it into your outfit.

Jumpers – You may have worn these in elementary or middle school but, don't worry. There are ways to dress them up and layer them so that they're a little more grown-up and fashionable. Try a chunky knit sweater, a jumper with a slim cut or add tights underneath with booties. You will be comfortable, fashionable and ready for autumn temperatures.

Plaid – The ultimate 90’s must have possession is the pattern that never truly goes away. It's possible you have quite a bit of this material in your closet already. However, this year try adding another print to it. Mixing and matching patterns is exciting and fresh. Plaid will be everywhere this fall so don't be shy about wearing it. Whether you choose a button-down, pea coat, tailored pants or vest you'll be in great company throughout the entire season.

Open tunics– We all love this blouse style. How could we not? It's comfortable and stylish and looks great with, shorts, skirts and more. Open tunics are kind of like a robe coat or vest. They'll be great over jeans and a tee. Adding sophistication to an ensemble outfit has never been easier.

What are your favorite trends for this upcoming season? We want to know. Tell us in the comments. Have a fashion statement you’d like to try that isn’t mentioned here? Let us know that, as well! Also be sure to visit back with our previous blog, as well as stay tuned for more fall fashion trends for 2016!


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