Fall Wardrobe Basics

Sometimes, fall can be an odd season to dress for. It's often too hot or too cold. However, there are a few basic pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe to ensure you're ready for whatever temps come you way! Even better, these pieces are easy to sew, if you love creating your own garments! Just check with Josephine's, our Portland fabric shop, to see what luxurious fabrics we have in stock!

Fall Basics | Portland Fabric Shop

Fall is all about transitional pieces. It's cool in the mornings and night and warmer during the day. That means layering and wearing summer basics with winter basics. 

Be sure to make a list of these transitional pieces. You'll want to go shopping for them or to get supplies to make them yourself!

  • Cotton pajamas – It’s getting cooler now and mornings are a bit nippy. Beat that with comfy PJs.
  • Ribbed cotton tank – Great under a suit and also adds texture without heat.
  • Cotton blouse – This one speaks for itself. Great for all seasons and easy to use as a transitional piece.
  • Cotton printed dress – Comfortable, cool and warm with a jacket. Great for autumn!
  • Strapless dress – For the cool mornings, add a sweater and for the warmer days, take it off! It’s great in neutral colors for fall!
  • Khaki shorts – Perfect for pairing with long sleeved shirts and sweaters, these shorts are a must!
  • Cotton drawstring pants – Comfy and chic, these pants are a great addition for a cool fall morning that turns warmer throughout the day.
  • White jeans – Who says you can’t wear white in fall? It’s a great chic look that goes great with light and dark colors.
  • Flat leather sandals – Great for day or night. Goes well with dresses, pants and shorts. 

Be sure to check back with us soon to learn more about the best fall basic essentials! Also, contact our Portland fabric shop to find out what great fabrics we have in stock!


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