Best Fabric for T-Shirts

With Christmas right around the corner, you might be hoping to make a few presents this year instead of buying them. One gift that's always appreciated is a t-shirt! Our fabric shop in Portland OR is here to help you decide what type of fabric to use by featuring the most popular ones, below!

Best T-Shirt Fabric | Fabric Shop Portland OR

  • Slub – Fibers are twisted to create a neat, rough texture with an irregular pattern.
  • Rib knit – A fabric with a lot of give, this ridged pattern creates a thick, and structured project.
  • Rayon – This breathable man-made fiber is made from natural components like trees, cotton, and woody plants. Rayon has a silky hand. It also wrinkles easily. This material can also be called viscose.
  • Polyester – Wrinkle resistant, not breathable and shapes well. This material is also shrink resistant.
  • Modal – Beautiful material for draping, the slinky fabric is shrink resistant. It can pill but is great for dress clothing. It’s best to avoid drying it as A form of rayon made from plant fibers, it has a beautiful drape and a slinky feel. It resists shrinking but can be prone to pilling, so avoid the dryer.
  • Linen – Wrinkling easily, this material is derived from flax plants. Its texture allows for quick drying. It’s also great for warm weather because it’s a cool fabric that breathes well.
  • Jersey – Flexible and comfortable, jersey is a great breathable blend. The stretchy knit is made from a synthetic blend or cotton.
  • Combed Cotton – The process of making this fabric causes it to be stronger. It’s also smooth and soft.  Fine brushes eliminate the short strands and straighten fibers that allow it to be so soft. 

We hope these fabrics will help you create the perfect gift this year! If you need to find jersey or other types of material, stop by our fabric shop in Portland OR. 

In addition to providing you with the finest fabrics stores in Portland OR and accessories, we also offer couture clothing services for those that aren’t able to create garments. We understand how busy life can be. That’s why we offer you a way to bring your visions for our fabrics to life, without having to take time out of your day to do so! We are excited to continue to offer you the following:

  • Liberty of London Fabric(cotton lawns & poplins, silks, jerseys, wools & twills)
  • Creative trim
  • Distinctive ribbons
  • French laces
  • Inspiring knits
  • Italian wools
  • Japanese denim
  • Luxurious fabric blends
  • Scrumptious silks
  • The world’s finest linens
  • Unique buttons


You’ll fall in love with the fabrics we have readily available for you! We strive to inspire your creativity with the highest quality fabrics available. To find out more about our prices and production schedule, be sure to call soon!