Fabric Types and Definitions

Are you interested in learning all you can about the various types of fabric? This type of info comes in handy when you visit fabric stores in Portland OR. Below, you'll find several types and what they're made of. 

Types of Fabric | Fabric Stores in Portland OR

  • zibeline - soft piled wool
  • zephyr - lightweight wool or worsted fabric
  • zanella - mixed twilled umbrella fabric
  • worsted - fine closely-woven wool
  • worcester - fine wool
  • woolsey - cotton and wool blend
  • wincey - plain or twilled cotton
  • wigan - stiff plain-woven cotton
  • whipcord - fabric with bold twill used for making dresses
  • wadmal - thick coarse wool
  • voile - soft fine sheer fabric
  • vicuna - fabric made from wool of the vicuna, a small ruminant
  • velvetine - cotton with silk pile
  • velvet - soft piled fabric of silk, cotton or synthetic fabric
  • veloutine - velvety corded wool
  • velour - piled velvety cotton
  • twill - any diagonally woven fabric
  • tweed - rough twilled wool
  • tussah - brownish silk fabric
  • tulle - sheer and delicate thin silk
  • tricotine - double-twilled worsted fabric
  • tricot - plain knitted silk or woollen fabric
  • tricolette - silk or rayon knitted fabric
  • toile - plain or simple twilled fabric
  • tiretaine - wool cloth mixed with cotton or linen
  • tiffany - see-through silk-like gauzy fabric
  • ticking - strong linen or cotton fabric used for mattress and pillow cases
  • terry - piled fabric consisting of uncut loops
  • tarlatan - thin sheer stiff cotton
  • tamis - thin wool
  • tamin - thin glazed worsted
  • taffeta - thin glossy silk
  • tabinet - silk and wool watered fabric
  • tabby - plain-woven silk taffeta fabric
  • tabaret - striped watered silk and satin fabric
  • swanskin - soft napped fabric resembling flannel
  • swansdown - heavy napped cotton flannel
  • surah - soft twilled silk or rayon
  • stockinette - soft elastic cotton fabric
  • stammel - coarse woollen fabric, usually dyed red; bright red colour
  • sindon - fine linen
  • silkaline - soft light cotton fabric resembling silk
  • silesia - thin twilled cotton or linen
  • sicilienne - ribbed silk
  • shoddy - woollen fabric made from rags
  • shetland - lightweight loosely twisted wool fabric
  • sharkskin - smooth durable wool or worsted fabric
  • shantung - plain rough silk or cotton
  • shalloon - light twilled wool or worsted
  • serge - strong twilled worsted
  • sendal - thin silk or linen
  • sempiternum - durable wool
  • seersucker - light puckered cotton or linen fabric
  • scrim - durable plain-woven cotton fabric
  • scarlet - fine cloth
  • say - delicate woollen fabric
  • saxony - fine soft woollen fabric
  • satinet - thin silk satin or imitation thereof

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