Creations from Fabric Scraps Part Two

Welcome back! We are here to talk more about how to make small projects with fabric scraps that are left over from larger creations! If you missed our previous blog post, be sure to visit back with it, before moving to the next post!

Creations from Fabric Scraps | Fabric Stores Portland OR

Depending on how much fabric you have left over and how your pieces match, it's possible you could make a scarf. This, again will depend on your scraps and how they coordinate.

Credit card wallets are great for back pockets and quick trips out the more. There are also great for running errands. Because they're so small, you should be able to make one with your extra scraps.

If you have any leather fabric pieces, you could make a leather clutch or wallet. You might even consider adding fringe to the top part.

Wallet organizers are great for adding small items like memory cards, credit cards, cash, notes, calendars, iPhones and other essentials you may need in your purse. Wallet organizers will be great for yourself and also for gifts.

Box pouches are perfect for storing make up, jewelry, and other small items that need to be contained or transported on a trip. These will also be great for piecing together mixed and matched fabric strips.

Cloth napkins can be used every day or for special occasions. Either way, you're gorgeous and look great for the table setting. Consider making scrap fabric napkins with little scraps you have in your collection. You can personalize them or make them in colors that match your decor.

With summer here, head wraps are a great way to keep hair up and out-of-the-way at the beach, in the gym or lounging by the pool. Because this craft is easy, you can use scraps to make various sizes and colors.

For the working professionals, business cards are a must. Why not make yourself a business card wallet with scrap fabric?

Zippered pouches can be made to fit your iPhone in headphones or other small items so that they don't get lost in your purse.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these great projects you can make with scrap fabric! If you’re looking for new fabric options, be sure to stop by our fabric shop!


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