Spring Fabric Trends Part Two

Welcome back! We are here to talk more about spring fabrics that will keep you up with the trends during the upcoming season. If you’re one to get excited over the newest fashions you’ll be happy to know that our fabric shop in Portland OR is keeping up with all the latest materials and colors for warmer weather! If you missed our previous blog, be sure to visit back with it, as well. We have more info there!

Trends | Fabric Shop in Portland OR


You might be thinking this is a very boring shade of fabric, but keep in mind how versatile it is. Whether you're choosing it for a casual outfit or something to wear to work, khaki is great for all occasions. You can dress it up or down without any trouble. Because it's a neutral canvas, you can add all sorts of different accessories. Stop by our fabric shop in Portland OR to check out all our selections in this color!


These stripes are colorful and beachy. Think patio umbrella or beach chair. We know what you might be thinking, sometimes, colorful stripes are not exactly tasteful. However, if you keep the beachy theme in mind you can't go wrong.


All throughout fashion week, pink seemed to be a big trend. Not just baby pink, fuchsia or hot pink, this trend will cover every shade of the hue from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Staying on trend is fun and exciting, especially when you can take them and create your own garments with beautiful fabric. For more tips on spring fashion, be sure to visit back with our next blog post soon. We will have several other trends that you might want to consider.


In addition to providing you with the finest fabric shop in Portland OR, fabric and accessories, we also offer couture clothing services for those that aren’t able to create garments. We understand how busy life can be. That’s why we offer you a way to bring your visions for our fabrics to life, without having to take time out of your day to do so! We are excited to continue to offer you the following:

  • Liberty of London Fabric (cotton lawns & poplins, silks, jerseys, wools & twills)
  • Creative trim
  • Distinctive ribbons
  • French laces
  • Inspiring knits
  • Italian wools
  • Japanese denim
  • Luxurious fabric blends
  • Scrumptious silks
  • The world’s finest linens
  • Unique buttons

You’ll fall in love with the fabrics we have readily available for you! We strive to inspire your creativity with the highest quality materials available. To find out more about our prices and production schedule, be sure to call soon!