Sewing 101: Terminology, Part Two

Welcome! We are back with more terms to know that will help you when you go buy fabric in Portland OR or if you're beginning your journey in learning how to sew. Sometimes, experts, patterns and sewing instructions use terms that aren't familiar to us. That's why we've compiled this list, and the one in our previous blog post. We hope it helps!

Terms to Know | Fabric in Portland OR

  • Tuck or Pin Tuck - the method of folding and then sewing fabric together resulting in a raised seam. Used often with an heirloom sewing technique.
  • Trim or Embellishment - a general term which includes rick rack, ribbon, laces, fringe, cording, and other decorative items used to embellish a garment.
  • Tracing wheel - A tracing wheel is used with tracing paper.
  • Tracing paper - A type of paper made especially to be used with a tracing wheel.
  • Top stitch – decorative or functional stitch that works from a fourth of an inch from the edge of a seam.
  • Thread – used to stitch a garment or project on a sewing machine or by hand.
  • Tape Measure – long and flexible and used to measure.
  • Tack - temporary stitch to hold pieces together, usually removed after final stitching. Tailor's tack - two threads in a needle, drawn through fabric layer. Then, it’s snipped, leaving tails of thread on top and on the bottom of the fabric as a marking for later use.
  • Stay stitch - a line of stitching just inside the intended permanent stitching line (seam line) on curved edges that stabilizes and keeps the curve from distorting.
  • Snips - small cutting tool somewhat resembling scissors used to snip threads.
  • Sloper - basic fabric rendering (block) of a garment that is used for designing, fitting, adjusting.
  • Slide Clasp - couples and uncouples the ends of a chain, holds them together and allows for opening.
  • Sleeve, capped - A very short sleeve that doesn’t extend beyond the underarm. It is shorter than a traditional short-sleeved option.

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