Creations from Fabric Scraps Part One

Those that sew know how many containers of scrap fabric in Portland OR are collected over time. There's no way to avoid having scraps after creating a project. Most of the time, we all can to save them for one reason or another. Sometimes, we just save them for a rainy day.

Creating With Fabric Scraps | Fabric in Portland OR

Would you believe that there are tons of ideas you can use to create gorgeous projects with your scrap fabric? Below, you will find several of our favorite ideas. These will help you use up all those fabric strips that are too small to do anything else with.

Heat packs are a great gift for teachers, friends or neighbors. You'll be able to fill these heat packs with lavender and rice for a reusable gift!

Clutch in bags are small and can be used for numerous occasions, including a night out on the town. Because of their small size, you can make various colors and sizes to coordinate with your favorite outfits. You scrap fabric for mixing patterns and more!

Headbands are fun for sprucing up hairstyles and keeping babies fashionable and cute! You can use your unused fabric scraps and strips to create headbands for your kids, friends and gifts.

Everyone needs a keychain. Why not take your unused fabric strips and turn them into gorgeous keychains. You can personalize them by putting monograms on the fabric and more. These are also great gifts for various occasions.

Gift bags and pouches are always needed from time to time throughout the year. You can use them for a party favor, stocking stuffer or to throw extra change in if you're headed out to an arcade or laundromat. Consider creating different types of pouches and gift bags your extra fabric.

There are tons of ideas you can consider when creating projects from scrap fabric! If you’re looking for more information, be sure to visit back with our next blog post. There we will share even more ideas that work great with fabric strips left over from larger projects. They’ll be great for yourself or for gifts!

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