The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide. Part Two!

With winter weather on the way and the holidays coming up, sewing takes on a whole new perspective. There are many different reasons to so during this time of year. Creating hats, scarves and gifts and more is quite fun and useful this time of year! Put your extra fabric in Portland OR to good use this season!

Creating Gifts With the Best Fabric in Portland OR!

Here, you'll find several ideas to help your creative juices flow for the holidays.

Reversible scarves are a great gift, as well as, for yourself. You can make them personable by choosing a fabric that works well with the receivers’ personality! You can also add a solid color to one side and fun pattern to the other. Even more, consider using wall on one side and cotton on the other.

Slippers are always welcome at home during this time of year. Cold floors can be met with warm house shoes! Making them slip on and moccasin-like for an quick and easy project. Even more, you can create variations of color and patterns for each person receiving them. Choosing the type of fabric in Portland OR can be fun, as well. To make things easy use felt, but a more complicated material could be wool or linen. This project will be easy considering you will not need to add a sole to the bottom.

Everyone enjoys a nice cozy blanket when it's cold outside. Sewing a nice throw that matches home decor will be a great gift to give. While you're at it, make one for yourself. Whether it's made specifically for the sofa or bed, get creative and choose gorgeous colors in comfy materials.

For more great gift giving and making ideas, visit back soon! The possibilities for using fabric in Portland OR for presents are endless!


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