Fall Fashion Trends Part Three

Fashion weeks all over the world are now complete. There are several trends we can take away from one of the most popular, New York fashion week. Of course, it's still a bit too early to tell which trends will be the most exciting and must have, but we feel sure the following styles will take off and be a great go-to as the weather continues to cool down. 

Trends for 2016 | Fabric Portland OR

Fur – Whether you choose real or faux, statement fur in bright and bold colors is on the dock for being trendy this fall. This one will also run through winter. Also, floral and printed furs will be a great eye-catching statement, as well. Designers like Michael Kors filled the runway with these fun jackets.

Ruffles – Whether they're on your blouse or pants, ruffles are wearable. Of course, New York fashion week runways showed us over the top ensembles that are hard to wear on the street, but you can add ruffles to your everyday wear without looking outlandish.

Tan – Again, whether you're wearing this color in the form of pants, skirts, coats or blouses various shades of tan from khaki to camel will be everywhere this fall.

Metallics – While most metallics have been in fashion for quite some time, gold metallic will be showing strong this fall. Depending on what you're most comfortable with, you might find that metallic gold shoes are the easiest to wear.

Pantsuits – Those who are interested in dressing their wardrobe up a little this fall might try a pantsuit instead of a dress. If you try this trend, make sure they're colorful, tailored and comfortable.

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