Tips for Sewing the Perfect Dress!

Sewing your own clothing is a great way to ensure you can be one of a kind with your personal style. You won't have to buy things off the rack and you can pick and choose your fabric in Portland OR as well as patterns and styles. Many people love to sew their own dresses. If you prefer to make your own, or you're just starting out with this hobby, consider the following tips. They're guaranteed to help make your dress sewing techniques perfect!

Dress Sewing Tips | Fabric in Portland OR

Sizing – Taking measurements for yourself can be difficult. There are three measurements that are most important; waist, hips and bust. There are also other measurements that many people do not consider. However, if you use a generic pattern, the first three will be the most important.

However, if you are sewing a full skirt, hip measurement aren't the most important. Why? The style of the dress will accommodate your hip measurement. It's more important to get measurements for the waste. Also focus on the bust, as well. If you were using a formfitting bought us, use an app or bust measurement, as well. You can make adjustments as you go, but making sure you have a fitted bodice means taking that upper bust measurement.

Rough draft – In order to make sure you are going to be selling the right measurements, make a practice dress in muslin fabric in OR. When you can make adjustments before the final project is complete. This fabric will help you work out any feeding issues. It will also help you if you’re sewing with a pattern you're unfamiliar with.

Fabric – Making sure you choose the right Liberty fabric or other brand for your dress is key. Depending on the style you may need a stretchy fabric or a cotton one. Keep in mind that most vintage day dresses are great for quilting cotton, but won't work for couture gowns. Keep your dress style in mind so that the fabric in Portland matches and works well with the pattern.

Finishing – Just as you keep the style of the dress and Liberty fabric to use in mind, also keep in mind the finishing techniques. Seems are important with dresses and you want to make sure that you finish the edges perfectly.

We hope these tips help you create the perfect dress! If you need help choosing fabric in Portland that best fits your dress pattern, stop by Josephine's! We are here to help you with all your sewing needs.