Best Fabric for Skirts!

With spring coming up in the next couple of months, skirts will become a staple in our wardrobes. However, many of us love to wear skirts year round. But, choosing the best fabric in Portland according to the time of year can be tough.

Knowing whether to use cotton, wool or chiffon is best is sometimes dependent on the style you're going for, personal preference or season. Below, you will find the ultimate guide to perfect skirt fabrics and how to choose the best one for you!

Best Fabric in Portland for Skirts!

  • Cotton – Those looking for the perfect spring and summer fabric will find it with cotton. It looks great and is quite light and soft. However, cotton does wrinkle, but it can be easy to sew.
  • Cotton mix – For a less wrinkly fabric consider a cotton mix. It's also easy to work with and works great for summer and spring.
  • Poplin and polycotton – These are also great options for spring and summer. They come in gorgeous colors and are easy to work with. Also a very light fabric, you'll find that washing and drying is a breeze.
  • Sheer – Though you'll have to line this type of fabric, it's great for spring and summer. Whether you choose chiffon, taffeta or another type of sheer fabric you’ll love the flowy, light feel of it.

Have you found the perfect fabric in Portland for the skirt of your dreams? If not, don’t worry. We will feature more great fabric in our next blog post! Sewing is easy when you know what type of material works best for your style, garment and season! Be sure to check back soon for more info!


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