Make Your Own Boho Maxi, Part Two

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed the first part of this three-part tutorial on how to make your own summer maxi dress! As we mentioned previously, maxi dresses are great for summer, as you can wear them comfortably for day or night. Just switch up your shoes and accessories to go from day to evening wear!

Make Your Own Dress With Your Favorite Fabric in Portland

Now that you know what type of fabric in Portland, as well as materials and sewing notions you’ll need for this project, it’s time to get started! Below, you’ll find a step-by-step list of instructions to help you get your project finished easily!

Before you begin, don’t forget the following tips when sewing jersey fabrics:

  • Don’t force the knit when feeding the machine. The material will want to go along easily, at its own pace.
  • Because the material is stretchy, you’ll want to use a stitch that allows stretching. A stretch stitch or zig zag stitch will be best. Refrain from using a straight stitch.
  • Puckering can be a problem when working with knit. To avoid this issue, use a walking foot and ball point needle.

Ready to start sewing?

  • Fold fabric panel in half
  • Make sure to fold along the 60 inch side
  • Sew along the outer edges of the garment
  • You’ll end up with three seams
  • Turn fabric inside out once the seams have been sewed
  • Your garment will resemble a large pillowcase at this point
  • On the closed end of the dress (this will eventually be the top), measure out to the middle point
  • Cut down six inches in a straight line
  • This neckline should be modest, shorter or deeper, depending on what you feel most comfortable in
  • Cut out an 8" strip at both ends for the sleeves.

Before cutting the bottom to fit your body length, make sure you wash and dry it. Also, if you plan to dye the dress, do that first. You might find that your garment will shrink a tad in the wash. If it becomes too short, you’ll have to add a trim fabric, even if you didn’t plan on it!

We hope this tutorial for sewing and cutting helps you make a fabulous boho maxi dress for summer!

Be sure to visit back with our final blog for the finishing stages of the dress!


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