Fabric Pattern Categories



Are you just starting out on your venture into learning how to sew? If so, you might be right in the middle of learning quite a bit of information. Between studying the different types of clothing fabrics, various pattern designs and sewing notions, you might want to consider adding one more think to the list of must-knows.

Today, we are going to talk about a topic that goes right along with the different types of clothing fabrics, but hits more towards pattern design. There are various pattern design categories that will help you remember multiple patterns of the sewing world!

Fabric Pattern Categories | Liberty Fabric

Below, you'll find a each category with a definition of it and how to know what patterns go where in the scheme of organizing! 

Symmetry – fabric patterns that have regularity. Examples include seventeen planar types.

Pattern directions – whether they have no direction, one direction or another, any type of pattern that is clearly directional is considered under this category.

Layout arrangement – Foulard, allover and other patterns that are similar.

Layout – patterns with gradation, grids, spots diamonds and more.

Motif – also called subject matter, these patterns are the most popular. They include the following and more:

  • Stripe
  • Plaid
  • Paisleys
  • Geometrics
  • Florals
  • Conversationals
  • Abstract

You can also add in specific flower patterns, as well like roses or florals can be further subdivided into roses or other botanical. Conversationals include figuratives, pictures and other similar patterns Geometrics will include line patterns, argyle and more. 

While the classifications are helpful when trying to organize patterns, the designs aren’t exclusive to any one classification. You could, for example, have an abstract camouflage or unidirectional allover pattern. 

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