Edge Finishing Techniques Part Two - Binding and Bound Seam

Welcome back! We hope you’re enjoying learning about the various types of edge finishing techniques used in today’s modern sewing. Making your own garments from your favorite designer fabric is a great way to ensure you have a unique wardrobe that will last much longer than anything you can purchase ready-made. In our last blog post we talked about piping and hemstitching. Today, we are going to continuing discussing different types of finishing.


Binding – Whether you purchase binding already made or make it yourself, you’ll find that this type of finishing offers a great, eye-catching detail to your designer fabrics. It provides texture and color, as well as a nice, clean finish. Using this edging finish for a sleeve, neckline design or hem creates a beautiful finish. If you’re interested in making your own binding, use bias strips of lightweight cloth. This will ensure that the seam is easy to trim off so that you can replace the hem facing with a bound edge.

Bound Seam – Also called a Hong Kong seam, this finish is typically used inside a garment. You can also expose the seam on the outside by using a contrasting cloth for the binding. This beautiful finishing method will instantly add texture to any apparel. To begin stitching a bound seam, consider the following directions:

  • Stitch a regular seam using at least 1/2″ wide seam allowances
  • Stitch the lining fabric to the raw edge of the seam allowance using at least a 1 1/2″ wide bias strip.
  • Press the strip of fabric used for lining around the raw edge.
  • Fold the lining fabric under the seam allowance.
  • Make sure you enclose the raw edge completely.
  • To catch the underside of the lining fabric, stitch in the ditch and trim all excess fabric from the seam allowance’s back side.

While this might be a bit confusing, our experts are here to talk with you about this type of edge finishing that works great for designer fabrics and more! Interested in learning more? Call today to inquire about our couture clothing services. For those that aren’t able to create garments, we will bring your visions to life for you. We understand how busy life can be.

Be sure to visit back with our blog soon. We will talk more about edging and finishing techniques. Even more, be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the finest fabrics and accessories that we also offer.

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