Easy Skirt Project For a First-Time Sewer, Part Three: The Sewing

Ready to sew your very first garment? If so, the time has come. We are back with our final part of this series which include sewing your skirt! Before sewing, take time to finish cutting the Liberty Fabric from your pattern.

Easy Skirt Project | Liberty Fabric

  • Add three inches to the hip measurements.
  • Open fabric out.
  • Measure the top and bottom of the fabric.
  • Draw a line from top to bottom, making it square.
  • Cut extra fabric off.
  • Fold fabric in half.
  • Cut down the fold.
  • You’ll be left with a front and back piece for the skirt.
  • From the top fold, measure one fourth of your waist.
  • Add half an inch to the measurement.
  • Mark a line an inch down from the top.
  • Draw a line on the fabric that mimics the natural curve of your body.
  • Draw it from the hip to the waist.
  • Make sure the hip part of the drawing ends with the one inch line drawn from the top.
  • Use a smooth line so that there aren’t any points or angles that might make for an odd fitting skirt.
  • Cut the curve drawn at the waist line and through the front and back layers of Liberty fabric. 
  • Sewing the Fabric
  • Pin down fabric as they’re place together with right sides of the Liberty fabric facing each other.
  • Remember, right sides of the fabric are ones that have no pattern or color.
  • Stitch down both sides, from top to bottom.
  • Again, make sure there are no points and the hip part of the skirt is a smooth curve.
  • Iron seams open on both sides, where they’ve been stitched.
  • To make a hemline, turn a half an inch of fabric up at the bottom.
  • Press it down with the iron.
  • Turn another half inch up to hide the raw edge of the material. Press it with the iron.
  • Sew around the entire bottom hemline with a straight stitch.
  • Adjust elastic to fit the measurement of your waist.
  • Mark the center and a fourth of the way from each end. This will leave four even sections.
  • Using a zig-zag stitch, attach two ends, side by side.
  • Fold the skirt with the side seams together.
  • This will help you find the center of the front and back.
  • Join the elastic to one side seam, inside the skirt. Match center mark with the other side of the fabric inside.
  • If the Liberty Fabric is longer than the elastic, don’t worry. That’s OK.
  • Close the edge off with a triple stretch stitch or a regular zig-zag stitch, around the elastic, to the skirt waist. Stretch the elastic as you sew to help match the fabric if it’s shorter.
  • Make a neat edge by turning the elastic over at the top. Stitch it through the elastic inside the skirt.
  • Press over the whole skirt, inside out and then, turn it right side out. Congrats! You’re done!

This skirt is great for summer events, shopping trips and more. The stretchy, jersey fabric is perfect for this time of year! If you’re excited to make another skirt, right away, use a different type of Liberty Fabric. Something with a beautiful pattern, sequins or anything of your choice! The options are endless.

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