Easy Skirt Project For a First-Time Sewer, Part One: An Overview

Have you been wanted to jump in, head-first on a sewing project but keep letting one thing hold you back? Are you ready to begin your journey in learning to sew, but worried that because you’ve never sewn anything before, your efforts might backfire and leave you with a big mess?

Guess what? There’s nothing to worry about! With today’s tutorial, you’ll be happily sewing in no time. Even more, you’ll have a beautiful skirt in no time. This three part series will not only help you construct your own sewing patter, but also offer a step by step tutorial on how to sew the skirt from the pattern you did yourself! To begin, we have a list of materials and tools you’ll need for this project.

Easy Skirt Project Materials | Fabric Stores in Portland OR

Stretch fabric of your choice.
When visiting fabric stores in Portland OR to buy fabric, make sure you purchase enough to finish the project. An easy tip is to pull the stretchy fabric around your hips one and a half times. That should give you enough without measuring. If you’ve measured ahead of time, just take the measurements to the store and they’ll assist you. Also, determine the length of the skirt; to the knee, below the knee or longer. Make sure the piece of fabric you purchase is to your liking, length-wise, to ensure you won’t have to piece together the fabric.

Matching or coordinating thread.
While you don’t have to use an exact match to your fabric, the thread should be somewhat coordinating, whether it’s contrasting or a lighter or darker hue than the fabric.

1 inch wide elastic.
Make sure this elastic will go completely around your waist without it being too tight or too loose.

You’ll also need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk or pencil  
  • Sewing machine

Now that you’ve assembled all your materials and tools, it’s time to get started on drawing your own pattern! Aren’t you glad you finally dove in and started this project? It can be scary, not knowing where to start. That’s why Josephine’s Dry Goods is here. We offer fine fabrics and sewing notions, as well as expert help and guidance to that will get you started on your journey into sewing in no time!

During our next blog post, we will talk about drawing your own pattern, as well as getting the fabric cut and prepped for sewing! Don’t miss it!

Contact us today to learn about the best fabric stores in Portland OR! We are here to answer questions and offer the best fabric in the area!

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