Create Your Own Sewing Group! continued

Welcome back! Today we are here to talk about creating your own sewing group. Sometimes, we can't find one locally to join or we just like the idea of creating one. Either way, these tips will help. Be sure to visit with our previous blog to learn more, as well. The best fabric shop in Portland is here to help get you started with the best sewing notions and fabric available!

DIY Sewing Group | Best Fabric Shop in Portland

In our previous blog, we left off talking about choosing a time and place for your meetings. Once you have the time and place planned, it's time to decide what you'll be sewing during your meetings. Some projects might take longer than others to complete. Choose projects and time-frames to get them completed by talking with group members about their preferences. Also choose whether or not you’ll be working on a big project together or working individually to sew your own creations.

If you were planning to start out with a lesson on how to sew, be sure to set aside time for this, in addition to beginning a new project. Also, be sure you have someone willing to teach sewing to the group.

If there are multiple people who are expert sewists you might consider taking turns each meeting. Team teaching is a great way to learn multiple things from different perspectives. It can be very enlightening to have more than one outlook and expertise.

You might even set a time to meet at the best fabric shop in Portland once or twice a month to take a look at all the latest and greatest materials to use during your project creations!

We hope this information helps you start your very own sewing club! If you're more interested in sewing with a group that has already started, be sure to visit back with our next blog post. We will have tips on how to search for the perfect group for you.

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