Sewing Resolutions for 2017 Part Three

Welcome back! We are here with more great sewing resolutions for 2017! If you missed our previous blogs, be sure to visit back with them soon. For those who have trouble committing time to a sewing hobby, you’ll find the following resolutions helpful in keeping you motivated! Even more, those looking for the best fabric in Portland will find that visiting our shop will help in your search! We even offer great patters, sewing notions and more!

New Year's Resolutions | Best Fabric in Portland

Those who have trouble getting inspired, consider creating an inspiration board. Start now so that you'll have something to work on in January. Then, add to it at least once every couple of weeks. Take pictures of garments you see in stores, look through magazines, use Pinterest and other sources to help you add to this project board.

Join a sewing club. This is also a great way to keep yourself excited and motivated to sell. There are probably groups in your area that already meet. If you're having trouble finding clubs in your area, consider starting your own. You might be surprised how many people would like to join.

Sometimes, we end up making tons of projects for ourselves and then never wear them. This upcoming year, make it a point to wear what you make. Not only will you be more disciplined while sewing, you’ll also improve your skills by making things that are more tailored to fit well.

Start a fit journal. This will also help you with your sewing skills and being able to wear what you make. Different patterns call for different measurements and measurement formulas. You might also prefer a certain style standard. Be sure to create this journal at the beginning of the year and continue adding to it all year long.

We hope you have enjoyed using these ideas to come up with your resolution list for next year! Be sure to visit back with other blogs in this series to learn more! Happy New Year!

Best Fabric in Portland

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