What is a Basting Stitch?

A long, easily removed stitch that helps to hold fabric, zippers and more in place before permanently attaching them is called a basting stitch. This technique is very popular and great for saving time and effort.

Today, we are going to learn all about a basting stitch, what type of sewing notions in Portland OR you'll need, as well as how to sew one. 

Basting Stitch | Sewing Notions in Portland OR

Basting by hand is much easier to handle than doing so with a machine. You’ll not only be able to remove it with no trouble, you’ll also be capable of controlling the stitch more efficiently without worry of sewing too close to the seam allowance.

To hand baste, you’ll want to use a running stitch. This is the best option and most simply removed. Below you’ll find a tutorial on how to stitch this baste.

How to Hand Baste | Sewing Notions in Portland OR

  • Just like you were getting ready to sew the fabric together, place the pieces to fit perfectly. Then, pin it together.
  • Thread your hand needle. Then, knot it.
  • Make sure the knot is placed on the edge of the fabric. That way, it won’t bother the machine stitching.
  • Don’t sew directly over the basting. Doing so might result in difficult removal and could cause the final stitching to be compromised and weak.
  • Only baste right inside the seam allowance marking.
  • Take the sewing needle and place it through the other side of your fabric. Then, bring the needle back up to the beginning side of fabric, where you started.
  • Keep repeating this technique until the area of choice is compete. Remember, these stitches can be easily removed so using them for temporary reasons is best.

Quick Tip: To make sure you can see the basting, use a thread color that’s contrasting to the fabric and other permanent stitching. That way you can identify it easily without ruining other work.

To learn more about basting and reasons why you might need it for your project, visit back with our next blog post, soon!

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